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For Correspondence, Individual and Class Study



LESSON ONE. A Study In the Pinnacles of Prophecy. 4

LESSON TWO. The Second Coming of Christ 9

LESSON THREE. The Apostasy (The Falling Away) 13

LESSON FOUR. The Resurrection and Rapture of the Saints. 18

LESSON FIVE. The Call, Purpose and History of the Nation of Israel 22

LESSON SIX. The Call, Purpose and History of the Nation of Israel – continued  26

LESSON SEVEN. The Restoration and Conversion of Israel 30

LESSON EIGHT. The Restoration and Conversion of Israel As Revealed In the Pentateuch  34

LESSON NINE. The Restoration and Conversion of Israel As Revealed in the Prophecies of Isaiah and Jeremiah. 37

LESSON TEN. Israel’s Restoration and Conversion Introducing the Millennium   42

LESSON ELEVEN. God’s Employment of Israel In Executing Judgment On the Wicked and Rebellious. 46

LESSON TWELVE. Israel In the Approaching Tribulation. 51

LESSON THIRTEEN. The Great Tribulation. 55

LESSON FOURTEEN. We Now Take Up Several Lessons On the Anti-Christ. Anti-Christ a Person, Not a System.. 61

LESSON FIFTEEN. Satan An Imitator of God and Christ 65

LESSON SIXTEEN. 25 Names and Titles of Anti-Christ In the Scriptures  69

LESSON SEVENTEEN. Anti-Christ In the Tenth Psalm.. 72

LESSON EIGHTEEN. Some Outstanding Characteristics of Anti-Christ 75

LESSON NINETEEN. Anti-Christ In Revelation 6:1-8 The Four Horsemen  79

LESSON TWENTY. The Judgment Seat of Christ 83

LESSON TWENTY-ONE. The Marriage of the Lamb. 87

LESSON TWENTY-TWO.  The Battle of Armageddon. 90

LESSON TWENTY-THREE. The Judgment of the Nations. 93

LESSON TWENTY-FOUR. The Personal Reign of Christ On the Earth  96

LESSON TWENTY-FIVE. The Millennium.. 100





LESSON ONE. A Study In the Pinnacles of Prophecy



The purpose of this Lesson is to give the student a complete picture, in outline, of the whole field of Prophecy. Each suc­ceeding Lesson will be given to the study of each one of the pin­nacles and in some instances, several Lessons to each pinnacle. This is to orient the student in the basic scripture of each subject.

  1. THE TWO SEEDS: the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, Gen. 3:15. This is the first basic Prophecy in Scripture. Here we have the promise of God, of the coming Redeemer as well as a revelation of Satan’s man the Anti-Christ and the conflict between the two seeds to the end of the Age.

(1). Christ the seed of the woman. Gal. 3:16.

(2). Anti-Christ is the seed of the serpent. II John 7, II Thess: 4:3 (On II John 7 study the marginal reading, notice it is not “an” but “The.”)

  1. The Second Coming of Christ.

The Second Coming of Christ is vitally related to all Prophecy and without a knowledge of this truth the most of the Bible is confusing. Accept this fact and all becomes clear.

  1. Some Prophecies concerning the First Coming of Christ al­ready fulfilled.




(1). Virgin birth Is. 7:14


Matt.  1:18-26
(2). John the Baptist Mal. 8:1 Matt. 8:1-2


(3). Christ’s birthplace Mic. 5:2 Matt.  2:1-6


(4). Entry in Jerusalem Zech. 9:9 Matt.21:1-8




Christ’s betrayal for Thirty pieces of Silver Zech. 11:12 Matt. 26: 14-16


(6). Judas’ remorse and the Blood Money Zech. 11:18 Matt. 27:3-7


(7). Maltreatment by His Enemies Is. 50:6 Matt. 26:6 and 27:30
(8). Being Nailed to the Cross Ps. 22:6-16


Luke 23:23


(9). Roman Soldiers Gambling for His robe Ps. 22:18 John 19:23 and 24
(10). Priests and Scribes Mocking Christ on the Cross Ps. 22:7-8 Matt. 27:41-43


(11). Agonizing Cries on the


Ps. 22:7-8 Matt. 27:46
(12). Christ’s Resurrection Ps. 16:10 Mark 16:6


  1. The prophecies concerning Christ’s Second Coming are TO BE FULFILLED. At that time He will seal the final doom of Satan. Rom. 16:20, Rev. 20:2-3, Rev. 20:10.
  2. Reign on the Earth in righteousness on David’s throne. 2 Sam. 7:12-16, Luke 1:32-33.
  3. The Apostasy. II Thess. 2:3 (See margin).

This establishes the fact that before the Second Coming of Christ, Christendom will in a large measure depart from, turn away from the faith once delivered to the. Saints.

  1. The First Resurrection and Rapture of the Saints. I Cor. 15:51-52, I Thess. 4:13-18.

This Lesson is a study of the Resurrection of the Saints at the second coming of Christ and the change or transforma­tion of the living Saints together caught up in the air to be with the Lord.

  1. The Call and History of Israel. Study Romans 9 through 11. This Lesson is a study of God’s purpose in the calling of the Nation of Israel through which He is to give the world a revelation of Himself and who after the flesh, the Redeem­er, His son, is to come. Included in this purpose was to reveal to the world a sample of how a nation obedient to God would be blessed.
  2. The Restoration and Conversion of Israel. Ezek. 37:13-14, Romans 11 56 (Several Lessons are given to this subject). The purpose of this Lesson is to show the faithfulness of God in His covenant to the great founder of the Nation of Israel, Abraham and confirmed to Abraham’s descendants.
  3. The Manifestation of Anti-Christ, II John 7, II Thess. 2:3. (7 Lessons).

The purpose of this lesson is to show the fulfillment of the Prophecy in Gen. 3:15 in the manifestation of Satan’s man, the son of perdition, the Anti-Christ whose spirit was al­ready manifested when John wrote his epistles.

  1. The Great Tribulation and the destruction of Gentile World Power. Dan. 12:1, Matt. 24:22, Dan. 12:31-45.

In the study of this prophecy we see the awful judgments that come upon the Nation Israel not only for their turning away from God but in the crucifixion of their Messiah. Not only so but the DESTRUCTION of Gentile power asso­ciated with the Nation of Israel in their rejection of God and the crucifixion of His Son.

  1. The Judgment Seat of Christ. II Cor. 5:10.

The Judgment Seat of Christ is that Judgment in which Christ reviews the works and faithfulness of His Saints and rewards those who have been faithful for their faithfulness and service. It has nothing to do with the sin question.

  1. The Marriage of the Lamb. Rev. 19:7-10.

In this Prophecy we have revealed the Marriage of the Lambs. The final scene in Heaven before Christ comes down with His bride to the earth.

  1. The Battle of Armageddon. Rev. 14:14-20, Rev. 16:13-16.

The final conflict between Christ and the Anti-Christ and His army which are destroyed at His glorious appearing on the earth.

  1. The Judgment of the Nations. Matt. 25:31-45.

This is the Judgment of the living Nations on the earth at the close of the Tribulation the Great.

  1. The Personal Reign of Christ over the earth. II Sam. 7:12, Acts 15:16, Rev, 20:4-6.

The study of this prophecy clearly reveals the fulfillment of God’s covenant, with David that of his seed a King should reign on his Throne, over the Nation of Israel and the whole earth.

  1. The Millennium. Rev. 20:4-6.

In this Lesson we will study the conditions on the earth during the thousand years reign of Christ on the Throne of His Father David.

  1. The Great White Throne Judgment. Rev. 20:7-15.

The Great White Throne Judgment is the story of the Judg­ment of the wicked dead at the close of the Millennium and preceding the Eternal State.

  1. The Eternal State. I Cor. 15:27 and 28.

The study of the Eternal State which begins when all things have been consummated in Christ according to the will and purpose of God before time began.

This Lesson is to give the student a survey of the entire course of 25 Lessons on the outstanding points or pinnacles in Bible Prophecy. One or more Lessons on each of the pinnacles are given in this Course.



  1. Who is the Seed of the woman? Give reference.
  2. Who is the serpent?
  3. Who is the seed of the serpent?
  4. What was the purpose of God in the calling of the nation of Israel?
  5. How many Hebrew writers wrote books of the Bible?
  6. Name the two outstanding Hebrews in the genealogy of Christ in Matt. 1:1.
  7. When will Christ bruise the serpent’s head?
  8. Give at least two passages of scripture showing that Israel is to be converted.
  9. What and who hinders the manifestation of Anti-Christ?
  10. Will many people of the nations of the earth be left out of the Great Tribulation?
  11. Who is to appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ?
  12. What is the “righteousness” of the saints?
  13. How are the Kings of the whole world gathered together at Armageddon?
  14. What is the result of the Judgment of the nations?
  15. Who is to reign with Christ over the whole earth?
  16. How long is the millennium to last?
  17. Who appears at the White Throne Judgment to be judged?
  18. How do you differentiate the Judgment of the Nations and the Judgment of the White Throne?
  19. Name in the order given these pinnacles or high points in prophecy.
  20. What does Christ do to Anti-Christ and his associates when He comes in Power and great Glory?
  21. What becomes of all of those who have rejected Christ when He conies again in Power and Glory?

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