This Day in Baptist History by D.L. Cummins

This Day in Baptist History

this day in baptist historyOne of the subjects I really enjoy studying is Baptist History. I guess I never get tired of it. This web site has a fair number of books on Baptist History too and I plan to convert and put out a lot more titles on this subject.

Some of the best 35$ I’ve spent this year was to purchase “This Day in Baptist History II” by D.L. Cummins and E. Wayne Thompson. I already had their first volume and when I was at Lighthouse Baptist, Lemon Grove CA for a conference I saw the second volume in their bookstore. It was a no brainer for me to get it.

After the Bible, perhaps nothing stirs my heart more than readying life stories and biographies of different men and women of God. Whether it’s Adoniram (and Ann) Judson, B.H. Carroll, John Birch, George Muller or many other wonderful Christians. I learn from them, I am challenged by their lives, by their preaching, by their prayer lives and by their characters. “This Day in Baptist History” (any volume) provides a great amount of material for your learning and spiritual growth. A short every day devotional will do your heart much good. At least that’s been my experience.

This morning (April 17th) I read about Miles Bronson (This Day in Baptist History II). He was a wonderful 19th century Baptist missionary at Sadiya, Assam. His life and labours will remind any minister and any Christian what it takes to fully surrender yourself to God and follow his will. Death of his first wife, death of his infant daughter, death of his adult daughter and many more trials. His challenge to younger men of God to get up and go the the mission field and when nobody would respond, in his 68 years of age, he stood up and said “I am ready; send me, brethren! I am good for ten more years! Let me go!”

I can not tell you what Miles Bronson’s testimony did to my heart this morning. Where would I even hear about him and his life if it would’ve not been for “This Day in Baptist History”?

One last thing. I had a privilege to know the main author of this wonderful book (D.L. Cummins). He gave me several great advices on how to study and what to study in this amazing subject of Baptist history. His personal library had over 3000 (yep, that’s right – over three thousand) books just on Church history. He is in glory now, and I am so glad to still learn from him via “This Day in Baptist History”.

I know it’s pricy, but to me it’s worth much more… much more

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